4 out of 5 Magoffin Schools Meet Federal Guidelines

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Four of the five schools that make up the Magoffin County School District passed federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requirements, according to test results made public Wednesday.
North Magoffin Elementary, Salyersville Grade School, South Magoffin Elementary, and Herald Whitaker Middle School passed NCLB by meeting all test targets.

Test results are from Kentucky Core Content Tests (KCCT) students took in may of the 2008-09 school year.
North Magoffin, which recorded the district’s highest score at 100.1 under an unofficial scoring system conducted by three non-profit educational groups, met 11 of 11 goals while SGS had a 98.3 score and met 10 of 10 goals.
In previous years, Kentucky was under the Commonwealth Accountability Testing System (CATS), but that was dismissed by the state legislature earlier this year.
There is no official state scoring results from spring testing. Current results are based on an interim system until a permanent one takes effect during the 2011-12 school year.
However, the federal NCLB system is still the same as in previous years.
HWMS passed NCLB by reaching 12 of 12 targets and received a KCCT score of 86.7. South Magoffin reached nine of nine targets and recorded an 82.5 score.
Science and math proved to be the four school’s strongest areas with North earning a 116.8 mark in science, SCS with a 112.8 science score, and HWMS and South scoring 95.6 and 87.9 in math respectively.
Current test scores are not an exact indication of whether a school improved or slipped in its overall results from previous years.
Some reports show all Magoffin County schools recording lower scores, but should be considered irrelevant considering North Magoffin and South Magoffin tested for the first time ever yet still had reported scores from 2008 and 2007.
The numbers from spring testing, though, can be used as an indicator on school performance, and a tool of appraisal for educators and parents over the 2008-09 year.
Magoffin County High School did not pass NCLB, failing to meet three of its 10 targets. MCHS was given a KCCT score of 63.8, almost eight points lower than scored on the 2008 CATS, which indicated a two point increase over 2007 results.
Efforts to reach school administrators Wednesday were unsuccessful and telephone messages left by the Independent received no response.