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The 150th anniversary of the Battle of Puncheon which was the bloodiest Civil War battle fought in eastern Kentucky is today April the 14th.

Over the past weekend we paid homage to this important chapter in the history of our humble county, a county birthed into war. We celebrated the courageous ride of Eliza Whitaker Joseph with a trail ride Friday and we honored the memory of the soldiers Saturday and Sunday by reenacting their epic battle. The Ladies had a Tea and a Ball.

In an effort to attain the interest of the children in their heritage we arranged to have some fun activities for them Saturday. We had a mobile zip-line which as far as the kids as well as some adults were concerned was a resounding hit. We also had pony rides and a variety of nice animals for everyone to feed and pet. One of the largest animals was a very tall camel named Tyler who seemed to delight in giving yours truly a big ole kiss. We also had the Kentucky Historical Society’s HistoryMobile which is a mobile museum featuring exhibits on Kentucky history. The 300 square-foot exhibit is housed in a 45 foot tractor-trailer. Other attractions were the many venders and exhibiters who offered up a variety of things to see and purchase. There were Sweet Treats, Cheese Cakes and Shaved Ices; there was Sand Art, Laser Engraving, Leather Working and more. We had artifact exhibits, book venders and relics on display including an original Civil War cannon. Bruce Austin demonstrated the many bugle calls, types of harmonicas and a Conch shell fog horn. 

Let me express deepest thanks to Principal Mark Rice and staff at South Magoffin Elementary for making available their school and all they do to help us. I express special thanks to Mr. Theo. 

I am proud of the work of our Civil War Committee, all of whom volunteer their time free of charge to bring these events to the community.