City Council cracks down on parking, budget and water

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The Salyersville City Council met Monday night, voting in a new city clerk, as well as receiving updates about recent water projects and discussing parking problems.

Jackie Prater, who has been working as temporary city clerk, was officially voted in at the Salyersville City Clerk. Five of the council members voted for Prater, while Jeff Bailey refrained from voting because she is his niece.

The position, formally held by Karen Howard, has been deemed vacant for approximately three weeks.

In Kevin Howard’s report to the council, he said the Emergency Sewer Project should be working now, with the man holes being the only thing behind. He expected the man holes to be delivered by Tuesday.

Under the Water Security Project, there will be new meters installed, but they are waiting on the first round of billing to be done through Software Solutions before the installation.
The month of April will be the first month for City Water to fully utilize Software Solutions.

City Water will need two more modules added to Software Solutions, with a change order totaling $8,024.59, so City Water can utilize all the necessary specs.

The Council awarded the contract for the water plant’s improvement project to East Kentucky.

In the Aging Main Replacement Project the contractor has moved down to Sportsman’s Unlimited and is laying back into town to connect up with what was done last summer. When that is finished, the contractor will tie in water line running to Joy (Continental Conveyor) into the main line to keep the water circulating.

The Council discussed adding extra parking in town, across from City Hall, with no action at this time. They mentioned bringing up getting the area surveyed for the next meeting to see how many spots could actually be made there, as well as if the benefit will outweigh the cost.

Councilman Jeff Bailey brought up the stray dog situation, saying dogs, often running in packs through town, are becoming a problem in town. He asked the Council if there is anything they could enforce to address this problem.

Kentucky Leash Laws, as well as old ordinances set by a previous City Council, cover the problem, but do not enforce the laws. City Clerk Jackie Prater will look up the old ordinance for the next meeting so they can address ways to enforce the problem.

Bailey also proposed city limit signs with “No Littering: Strictly Enforced” put up to cut down on littering in the city limits.

The Council unanimously voted to increase the number of City Water Board panel from three to five people and agreed to table appointing anyone to the panel until more names can be brought to the Council.

Prater gave the Council a supposed budget for the Council to discuss at next meeting.

Councilman Jeff Ross told the Independent that he has asked Mayor Stanley Howard at the past two meetings in executive session to resign, blaming him for the financial state of the Water Plant, and worries he will do the same for the City.

Executive sessions are not open to the public and matters discussed in closed sessions are confidential and cannot be verified, however.

To view highlights from the April meeting, go to later this week!