Council teams up with County for blacktopping

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SALYERSVILLE - Salyersville City Council met Monday night in regular session, discussing a resolution with the County for blacktop, setting Trick or Treat night in town, and changes to the open records regulations.

Magoffin County Fiscal Court Magistrate Pernell “Buck” Lemaster presented a resolution to the Council to use County funds to blacktop Will May Branch from Kentucky Route 40 to the tile. Basically, the blacktopping of the city street will work cohesively with an ongoing project of the County’s, Lemaster said. 

“We just want to work with the City as best we can to make this the best county possible,” Lemaster said.

The Council unanimously accepted the resolution, which will not cost the City anything.

David Gardner with Salyersville Water Works (SWW) discussed with the Council a piece of property located adjacent to the water treatment plant. While SWW has made great strides in straightening out their money situation, with the revenue and expenditures almost balancing, Gardner said they are trying to consolidate their debts. Currently, they do not have enough assets to take out a loan for that, but they realized they had purchased that property in the past, but it was deeded to the City of Salyersville, instead of SWW. With that property, they would have the assets to take out the loan to consolidate their debts. 

The Council agreed to deed the property back to the SWW. Councilman Jeff Ross questioned if the building and fence on the property was actually on the neighbor’s property, as he had been told, and the Council agreed to go ahead and deed it to SWW with the understanding they address any issues with the neighbor.

Holding their second vote on the amendment to the payroll tax ordinance, the Council unanimously agreed to amend the ordinance from quarterly payments to monthly payments, due on or before the 15th of the month following the tax periods. Mayor James “Pete” Shepherd said this would help the City keep a flow of revenue, instead of waiting for the quarterly payments.

Similarly, the Council held the second vote on the amendment to the tourism commission ordinance, voting unanimously for the ordinance to be amended to say: “Terms of the commission shall be three (3) members will serve four years and two (2) members shall serve two years.”

The Council approved the second vote and final adoption of the budget ordinance for the fiscal year 2014-2015, with the understanding that they can still amend it if necessary.

Mayor Shepherd said they had recently received several time-consuming open records requests, resulting in the need for clearer rules and regulations to conform with the Open Records Act, regulating the hours a day employees would have to sit with someone requesting to look at files.

City Attorney Jeff Lovely said the rules and regulations the Council approved are reasonable since the City cannot charge extra for the time spent by the City employee. 

The Council adopted the ordinance to set the tax rate on real and personal property for the fiscal year 2014-2015, keeping it the same as last year. 

The Council held an executive session to discuss personnel issues in relation to the bills, but no action was taken in open meeting.

In his mayor’s report, Shepherd said New Generation Worship Center will be holding a Glow in the Dark 5K Run Friday night at Ramey Memorial Park, with registration beginning at 8 p.m. and the run starting at 9:30 p.m. This is a charity event for shoes for Haiti. Jaynee May told the Council they are hoping to get 200 pairs of shoes, which is enough for a school in Haiti. Since the run will involve parts of Dixie Avenue, the road will be shut down to most traffic. 

The Council agreed to have Trick or Treat on Halloween this year, falling on Friday, October 31 from 6 to 8 p.m. 

Mayor Shepherd said he has received an estimate to have trees cut in the park that are causing the blacktop on the track to pull apart. The total cost for WYN Enterprises to cut the trees down and clean up the debris would be $2,250, according to Shepherd. 

A bicycle shop is scheduled to open soon at the old post office in Royalton, which is close to the Dawkins Line Rail Trail.