Court Awards Bid on McNew Bridge

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Bid letting, bill paying, and salary setting were among agenda items presented last week to the Magoffin County Fiscal Court.
Meeting in regular session Thursday afternoon, the fiscal court opened and awarded a bridge bit to PBTHNOJJ Construction Company, Inc.
The McNew Bridge bid of $129,850 was not just the low bid for the project, but was also the only one received on the project.

Construction of the new bridge, to span the Licking River just below its acceptance of Stinson Creek, will begin as soon as magistrates are provided with written bid rewarding and state approval of exact specifications is received.
The bridge will provide an easier and quicker access from Route 1090 to residences across the river. A previous bridge in the same location was destroyed by high water.
Court members gave the bid award unanimous approval, as they did with the payment of regular monthly bills, health department construction costs, and the county’s share of Fourth of July fireworks, among others.
Money owed Standafur Builders ($167,808.15) and Big Sandy Area Development District (4,100) was approved for the new health department, which is scheduled for completion in December.
Other bill related action included $2,500 for the fireworks display. Ritt Mortimer, anchor of cable access news show Your News Today, organized the display and received a thank you from judge-executive Charles Hardin.
The fiscal court also approved “pass-through” payoff money for a sheriff’s department Crown Victory. The $12,144.42 was provided to the county via funding backed by senator Robert Stivers, Hardin said.
The sheriff’s department also received “pass through” auto collision money in the sum of $2,347.89.
A “standing order” allowing the county to pay routine bills such as payroll and utilities, and the purchase of a $1,532 vacuum pump for the Ramey Memorial Park swimming pool received acceptance.
Salaries for treasurer, secretary, administrative assistant, and solid waste coordinator were set at $25,000 per year, with $37,044 for the deputy judge executive position, road foreman pay at $15 per hour, $11 per hour for the assistant road foreman, $10 per hour for highway department operators and drivers, and $10 per hour for a 911 employee was agreed upon.
Also in the regular monthly gathering, the court unanimously accepted the recommended hiring of Tammy Trumble as a new 911 employee.
Deputy judge executive Mike Wilson, who made the recommendation, said Trumble came with strong qualifications, including eight years with the U.S. Navy, and added that she had a background in electronics and possessed knowledge of the Phase One process.