Estill Co. Engineers Roll Past Hornets

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Last Friday night, our hometown Hornets were in action against the Engineers of Estill County, in a contest that would not go as well as our hometown Hornets had planned. The Engineers dealt the Hornets their third loss of the season and second district loss! The final score was Engineers-49 Hornets-12! 
The Engineers charged on early in the game with a well executed game plan leaving the Hornets picking up the pieces as they tried to put a successful drive together. The Hornets were only able to score on two offensive possessions. Turnovers, injuries, and a lack of focus plagued the Hornets throughout most of the game. “It wasn’t our best effort,” Coach Smith said, “but hopefully we’ll be healthier and better prepared for our next opponent.”
On the defensive side of the ball, the Hornets couldn’t seem to stop the run game of the Engineers which allowed the Engineers to seal the deal. The Hornet defense is plagued with the absence of LB/DE Jacob Johnson who suffered a foot injury several weeks ago.
This Friday, October 22nd, the Hornets will travel next door to Breathitt County to go nose-to-nose with the Bobcats. “The Bobcats are a very physical team,” McCoy said, “and they like to mix it up offensively.” The Bobcats primarily run a spread offensive formation, which puts the ball in the air for the most part, but, the Bobcats will also run the draw and dive out of this formation. 
Don’t miss out on a minute of Hornet football action as the Hornets try to rebound from last Friday’s loss and bring home a district win. If the hornets win at least one district game they could possibly be looking at a number three seed in post season play, but if the Hornets fall short in this last district matchup they will probably face Somerset, the number one team in 3A football. So make the drive to Breathitt County and show your support for our hometown Hornets as they attempt to win this dynamic district game! Above photo courtesy of Mortisha Whitaker