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On many a lovely moonlit night I have sat silently watching the fireflies glimmer in the dark spaces beneath the shadow of the hills of Puncheon Creek.

No neon light-show in any big city ever bested the tranquility elicited by these luminescent twinklers on a warm summer’s night. In the beauty of this nature my mind would free itself from the harsh realities of a worrisome world and soar as if on the wings of Angels. In the solitude of darkness I could see beyond the stars to a place of perfect contentment where the only sound was the rustle of leaves as if blown by the breath of life. There, I was most perfectly alone and yet there, the cold knurled hand of loneliness could not touch me. At once the thoughts of the universe would flood my mind as I thought nothing at all. It seems that time suspended while I bathed in the warmth of all creation, for in that state of perfect bliss time had no hand to play. 

This, my friends is the manifestation of the primal urge that propels mankind to seek connection with the Devine. Out of the simplicity of a firefly the complexity of creation might be comprehended. Life is a wonderful gift but struggling to live it can be harsh. Depending on the circumstances of one’s birth day to day living can vary greatly among us. The great irony is thus, in the grand scheme of the Cosmos or the simplicity of a fire-fly, the circumstance of our birth matters not at all. You see, when every hate this world can muster and every hurt life can inflict comes our way, the simple truth remains, we are the masters of our destiny, it is our decision and ours alone to make, will we grasp the life we want or the one others subscribe for us. I believe the fate of every person depends on their own expectations, the way they treat their fellow humans, and their ability to see the beauty that bathes their very soul. 

We are at our best when we surrender our mind to the calling of the stars letting it break free to think, to feel and to behold the awesome wonder of what is to be human in this grand universe. Surely no man enchanted by the simple beauty of a firefly can at that moment harbor hate for those he somehow perceives as less human than himself. The truth is in this life we all walk alone when we set forth to seek the truth about ourselves. I am certain that every ill will wished on a fellow being is a two edged blade slicing the wisher’s soul as surely as it cuts the intended’s heart. Call a man a vulgarity and you will inflict pain in his mind but the price for you is the beauty of creation will become a little less clear for you. After a time hate will consume your mind and hell will overtake you.  Better to contemplate on the meaning of life by focusing on the wonders of nature as seen through the twinkling light of the stars or the dance of a firefly.