Fiscal Court looks for trash solution

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The Magoffin County Fiscal Court met last Thursday, addressing old and new business.

In old business, Judge Executive Dr. Charles Hardin said the problems concerning some W2 forms from 2005 and 2006 have been corrected. Initially, the Internal Revenue Service charged approximately $19,000 fine for 2005 and $8,000 for 2006, but they were able to negotiate the fines down to $2,702.63, which the Court approved for payment.

The Court accepted the D-C Elevator Full Maintenance Agreement, which had been suggested by the State.

Dr. Hardin proposed two more roads be added to the county road system : Wireman Drive and County Cemetery Road (behind the horse park).

The Court addressed the ongoing trash problem in Magoffin County. Dr. Hardin laid out the following possibilities to increase garbage collection participation:

1.    Add the garbage bill with water/utilities

2.    Using the 8 percent that comes back to support Solid Waste, taking from the General Fund 

3.    Raise everyone’s bill

4.    Quit collecting garbage.

He suggested the only feasible option of the four, however, would be the first, but most counties that use that strategy own the garbage company, as well. This option would tie County fees with outside agency fees.

No action was taken, but Dr. Hardin urged the Fiscal Court to think over the options for increasing garbage collection participation.

Solid Waste Coordinator Tim Watkins updated the Court on cleanup strategies, reporting 20,000 tires collected during the Tire Amnesty.

Cameras will be installed within the next month at unspecified dump sites to catch illegal dumping, with OIG, the company installing the cameras, agreeing to prosecute.

Emergency Management Director Mike Wilson is currently checking Magoffin roads for damages from recent weather for eligibility for aid from FEMA, Dr. Hardin said. Magoffin has already been declared in a state of emergency.

The Court had their first reading of the 2012 fiscal year budget, which includes a 5 percent salary increase for the road department personnel.

Dr. Hardin also told the Court they are seeking legal action to recover old monies for the Sheriff Settlement.