Fiscal Court reappoints Salyer to Water Board

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The Magoffin County Fiscal Court met last Wednesday, December 15 in the last meeting of the year.

The Court approved the reappointment of Randy Salyer to the Magoffin County Water Board, extending his term another four years.
There was $3,250 left over from the Litter Grant and the Court approved for that money to be spent to buy T-shirts for the people that help pick up trash and participate in PRIDE for the elderly.
Judge Executive Dr. Charles Hardin thanked the Fiscal Court for “a wonderful four years of accomplishment and working for the best interest of Magoffin County.”
Hardin especially thanked Stanley Holbrook and Kellie Lee Miller acting in the best interest of their districts, as well as all of Magoffin County. He said he looks forward to working with Buck Lemaster for another four years, and the new members of the court, Ronnie Lovely and Rooster Risner.
“We have set a standard that we will work to maintain,” Hardin said.
This was the last Fiscal Court meeting for the Sesquicentennial.