Fraud complaints filed

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SALYERSVILLE  - Reports spread of increased law enforcement at several voting places on Tuesday, with Kentucky State Police patrolling the area for Election Day.

While the KSP public information officer had not called back as of press time on Wednesday, the Kentucky Attorney General's Office did release that four calls had been made from Magoffin County to the election fraud hotline. 

Attorney General Jack Conway announced Wednesday that his Election Fraud Hotline received 205 calls from more than 60 counties between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. (EST) during Tuesday's primary election.  Forty-nine calls involved allegations of vote buying/selling. 

Of the four from Magoffin, two were in regards to allegations of vote buying or selling (bribery, one for general election fraud and one legal question.

The Office of the Attorney General, by law, cannot provide details regarding specific complaints or possible pending investigations. 

In addition to the hotline, investigators from General Conway’s Department of Criminal Investigations patrolled precincts and polling places across the Commonwealth yesterday to respond immediately to complaints.  The Attorney General’s Office, which has jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute election law violations, is also a member of the Kentucky Election Integrity Task Force. 

As required by statute, the Office of the Attorney General will select six counties in a random drawing and a post-election audit will be conducted in those counties.  Each county will undergo independent inquiries for any potential irregularities that may have occurred during the May 20, 2014 primary. 

Pursuant to KRS 15.243 (3),(a), the Kentucky Attorney General is required to conduct a post-election audit investigation in no fewer than five percent of Kentucky's counties following each primary and general election.  The counties are selected in a public drawing that must be done within 20 days of the election.