Freezing rain, slick roads lead to several wrecks, one injury

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SALYERSVILLE - Rescue crews and law enforcement were called out to several wrecks last Thursday when freezing rain plagued the area.

On Thursday, January 29, after temperatures dwindled well below freezing overnight, at roughly 9:30 a.m. freezing rain nearly made many roads throughout Eastern Kentucky nearly impassable until after 11 a.m., when the ground temperatures rose above freezing.

Magoffin County Rescue Squad were called to five accidents, two on Kentucky Route 40 on the Magoffin side, one on Rt. 40 on the Johnson County side, and two on Route 7. 

Only one person had to be taken for medical care, with a possible fracture.

Magoffin County Rescue Squad Captain Carter Conley reminds Magoffin Countians to be aware of the overnight temperatures, explaining that precipitation will turn to ice if the ground is still below freezing. 

“Keep yourself aware of the temperature, reduce your speed and watch your breaking distance with other vehicles,” Conley said. “Be prepared for black ice.”

Portions of the Mountain Parkway were shutdown on Thursday for a period of time until the roads were deemed safe, again, however, Conley said no wrecks were reported on the Magoffin section of the Parkway that day.