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I found the following opinion written more than 100 years ago for an old newspaper very interesting.

I could but little wonder at the relevance to today’s state of affairs in Magoffin County where growling seems to have become an art form. No one seems to care about the image of dysfunction we are projecting which in the end can only tarnish our chances to become a respected center of economic activity. One such occurrence I will comment directly upon. That is the recent fuss about who should and should not get to use the Dawkins Trail. Seems some are unwilling to afford common courtesy to other groups of users. First, let me say that the vast majority of people are just happy to have this great asset in our county. It is those ‘growlers’ so eloquently pigeonholed by the author of the article that make only mischief while offering nothing positive for our county I address. I am going to re-title the old article ‘Don’t Growl Magoffin’. 

“Some people contrive to get hold of a prickly side of everything; to run against sharp corners and disagreeable things. Half their strength spent growling would often set things right. You might as well make up your mind to begin with that no one ever found the world as he would like it but you are to take your part of the trouble and bear it bravely. You will be sure to have burdens laid upon you that belong to other people unless you are a shirker yourself. But don’t grumble. If the work heeds doing, you can do it, never mind about that other who ought to have done it and didn’t. These workers who fill up the gaps and smooth away the rough spots to finish up the jobs others leave undone, they are the true peace makers and are worth a whole regiment of growlers.” 

I know Magoffin has more doers than growlers and it is time to move our county forward. I know it is not always easy to do the right thing but it is always important to do so. I lobbied hard for buggies to be allowed on the Dawkins trail, when unsuccessful I had to get over it and still support the trail. It was the right thing to do. In this as in many issues facing our county it is simply time for us to move on.