Growth of Community Day Expected to Continue

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In its sixth year as a community-based not-for-profit function, Community Day continues to grow in both participation and hopefully financial results.
Organized in 2004 with the hopes of providing family-oriented enjoyment and a fundraiser for local, non-profit organizations, Community Day took in almost $36,000 for the 11 participating groups.

Each year the event, held at Ramey Memorial Park, has increased in group activity and revenue as 18 participants split a total of $85,649.74 last year.
The sixth annual Community Day will be held Saturday at the park with a total of 22 groups taking part.
Veterans organizations, emergency response squads, and other community-based groups will be selling a variety of items and sponsoring different events during this year’s Community Day, which will begin at 10:30 a.m.
Organizers are encouraging the public to come early, stay late, and enjoy the event, which will include a wide range of musical entertainment, including popular local acts and bands well known nationally.
Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased at either location of Salyersville National Bank, host of Community Day, or at the gate on Saturday.
Those in charge of Community Day are encouraging everyone to bring lawn chairs and asking people to park in and around downtown Salyersville due to limited Ramey Park space.
A trolley will be running from SNB’s two locations to the park to provide transportation. Ramey Memorial Park can also be accessed by foot from downtown Salyersville via a bridge located near the Log Cabin Complex.
A list of participating groups and their respective products/activities includes:
1.    Military Support Group

  • Pop, Water, Ale 8, Raffle Tickets on 12 gauge pump shotgun and split the pot

2.   Boy Scouts
·         Hamburgers, hotdogs, pop, water & funnel cakes
3.   DAV
·         Drinks, selling chances of 5 rod & reels (will average $100 - $125
4.            Girl Scouts
·         Girl Scout Cookies, suckers, water, glow sticks, hayrides around the park, face painting, raffle items, stickers games for kids
 5.    Miss Magoffin Co Pageant
·         Selling tickets for the people’s choice awards to be given out the night of Miss Magoffin, also be selling fresh fruit smoothies.
·         People working at their site –
 6.    Salyersville Renaissance
·         Selling barbeque meals, hand dipped ice cream, Ale 8
7.    REACH
·         Jail, raffles, hair painting.
·         Grilled steak & chicken fajitas with grilled onions & peppers
·         Nachos & Cheese
·         Pepsi products
·         Shaved ice machine
Magoffin County Extension Homemakers
·         Inflatable Bungee Run & Inflatable Obstacle Course
Funyons Homemakers Club
·         Selling squirt guns, glow necklaces & bracelets, dart board, chances on a baby afghan, chances on Bybee pottery and more.
Uptown Girls Club
·         Homebaked goods, chances on Webkins & other items, selling fruit drinks
9.     District #3 Volunteer Fire Department
·         Fish Dinners (to include French Fries, Slaw & Hush Puppies
·         Bar-b-que Sandwich or Dinner
·         Pop and Water
·         Taking chances on a kid’s 4-Wheeler
·         Selling District#3 Cookbooks
10.   Bloomington Volunteer Fire Department
·         Hot Dogs
·         Funnel Cakes
·         22 Foot Slide (not water)
11.   Shriners
·         Tenderloin Sandwiches/Breakfast Biscuit Tenderloin
·         Hot Dogs
·         Hamburgers
·         Coffee/Hot Chocolate
·         Train
12.   Magoffin County Senior Citizens
·         Crafts
·         Chances on a quilt
·         Selling blow-up animals
·         Pork BBQ sandwiches
·         Hot dogs w/sauce
·         Chicken Wraps
·         Nachos & Cheese
·         Duck pond
13.   Magoffin County Christian Care Funds
·         Pepper Bellies (fritos w/taco sauce)
·         Selling sand art
14.   Magoffin County Teen Coalition
·         Corn Hole
·         Popcorn
·         Raffles
·         Drinks
15.   Magoffin County Woman’s Club
·         Raffle on Quilt & a GPS
·         Homemade Baked Goods
·         Drinks/Water
16.   Kiwanis
·         Gong Game, Darts & Balloons, Duck Pond
·         Chili, chips and cheese
·         Hotdogs
·         Lemonade
·         Pop & Water
17.   Magoffin County 4-H Youth Camp Scholarship
·         Snow cones, popcorn, cotton candy, tye dye station
18.   North Magoffin Volunteer Fire Department
·         Hotdogs with homemade sauce
·         Chili-Cheese w/chips
·         Chili-Cheese fries
·         Fries
·         Loaded Fries
·         Ribbon Fries
·         Fried Apple Pies
·         Pop, Ale 8
·         Nachos & Cheese
·         Dunking Booth
·         Raffle of 12 gun shotgun
·         Raffle of Longaberger Basket Set
19.   Middle Fork Volunteer Fire Department
·         Raffle off a television
·         Raffle of a Rifle
·         BBQ, hotdogs, hamburgers, bloomin onions
20.   Magoffin County Rescue Squad
·         Soup Bean Dinners
·         Various Items for sale