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For decades the annual Founders Day with an honored family surname has been a fall festival favorite with folks near and far.

A decision was made not to have Founders Day this year but fortunately an idea was conceived to have a Magoffin County Heritage Days festival in its stead. I believe it was a great idea for the people of our county. I hope everyone enjoyed this inaugural event and appreciates all the hard work that went into making it happen. I sometimes wonder if we the public take for granted all the Civic Groups that work without compensation for the betterment of our county. If you approved this event then stand with me and say thank you to everyone who contributed to making this event possible.
In the picture is the float prepared by Burnis Patrick, Barbara Patrick, Randall Risner and Brenda Kay Howard for the Magoffin County Civil War Heritage Group. I am honored to say it took first place in the Heritage category. It was adorned by four ladies in period attire; they are Barbara Patrick, Brenda Kay Howard, Michelle Conley and Rachael Sizemore.

Our Civil War Group believes it is important not only to preserve our heritage, we believe it needs to be put on display that all might understand it more fully. We strive to provide history that is dynamic in an entertaining and fun way. We hope that by our efforts the love of history will grow.