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Litter is defined as waste that has been improperly disposed of.

Those who commit this wanton act are derisively known as Litterbugs, a shameful crown well earned and well deserved. We all see the handiwork of the ignorant and uncaring every time we drive down the highway. We see our breathtaking natural scenery marred by the blight of carelessly tossed bottles and bags of waste. This problem is of epidemic proportions in Eastern Kentucky even though millions of dollars have been spent trying to alleviate the problem. This is money that could be utilized to help those in need if people would just stop tossing trash out of their car windows. Even though most people are responsible stewards and take pride in having a clean environment an ignorant and spiteful few mar the quality of life for us all.  What can be done? Much, much can be done. We need better laws and stricter enforcement with painful consequences for Litterbugs. There is a wide range of options to put on the table from education to remediation to universal garbage collection systems. Aluminum cans cause little problem because they have value. This shows plainly the need for deposits on other containers to give them value. Another way to give waste products value is to charge a litter tax on them to help fund cleanup efforts. This could be a major source of revenue that would allow continual cleanup of litter from our roadsides and ditch lines. Universal garbage collection would allow the placement of trash receptacles along all roads to make it convenient not to litter. Universal collection fees could be collected by adding them to utility bills. This could actually lower garbage bills by raising compliance. 

Pride Coordinator Frankie Collett and the staff of the Magoffin County Fiscal Court organized a cleanup of the Battle of Puncheon Reenactment site and associated areas during Park Day this past Saturday. The day was very successful with good participation by a number of groups and many individuals. Magistrate Gary (Rooster) Risner provided prize money for the kids. The group, besides cleaning up the area around South Magoffin Elementary School and the Puncheon Battlefield Community Park also cleaned many miles of roadway as well and you can see in the photo the Dawkins Trail got some much needed cleanup in preparation for Friday’s Eliza Whitaker Joseph Memorial Trail Ride.