Local Officials Initiate MAPP Magoffin ACTION

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With improvements in health, activities, and community development as the main goals, members of the Magoffin County Health Department, Magoffin County Fiscal Court, and Magoffin County Extension Service are initiating their MAPP Magoffin ACTION efforts.
The group met with county fire department officials and South Magoffin Community Activists Tuesday to discuss area needs, concerns, and ideas.
“Our goal is to have better health outcomes through improved community activities and community development, and to improve the quality of life for our people,” Bertie Salyer, health department director, said.

Through a series of meetings scheduled for various parts of the county, officials will be speaking with residents and gather information to assist in the overall effort.
Friday night, organizers of MAPP Magoffin ACTION will attend a Bloomington Fire Department hosted fall carnival at North Magoffin Elementary and will be accepting input from residents regarding community development.
Residents can also catch up with group members Saturday at North Magoffin Fire Department’s fundraising event, October 22 at Brushy Fork Church at 6 p.m., and October 27 at Salyersville Fire Department at 6 p.m.
Officials are encouraging residents to attend these meetings, share food and drink and information with officials.
Salyer says a short survey will be available for information sharing and door prizes will be given at each meeting.
The group is especially interested in the South Magoffin Community Activists, which was formed in part to help attract a fire department to that area.
Salyer says the southern reaches of Magoffin County have been left out of many improvement projects and thinks groups such as SCMA will be beneficial to the overall health and welfare of the county.
MAPP Magoffin ACTION, Salyer explained, is a continuation of MAPP Magoffin, a community effort she says “enabled us to bring extended services to Magoffin County.”
The MAPP vision statement is “to have a safe, clean, healthy, family-oriented, drug free, united community with opportunities for economic, educational, recreational, and personal development.”
“We are working toward that vision while also trying to enhance opportunities for all of our people,” Salyer said.
Salyer believes, with the help of individual residents and community-based groups, MAPP Magoffin ACTION will have a positive and beneficial impact throughout Magoffin County.