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Beginning April 1,2015, qualified adult education students across Kentucky have had the opportunity to participate in an accelerated learning opportunity that will allow them to progress more quickly toward taking the GED® test. This accelerated learning opportunity, called GED® Express, will be offered locally at the Magoffin County Adult Education center, located at Learning Center.

Kentucky Adult Education programs that have launched GED® Express early are already seeing promising results. “With the GED® Express option, we are finding more students are getting on board with moving forward with their GED®,” says Dr. Paula Jones, adult education program director for Madison, Garrard and Clay counties. “In these early stages, we are seeing progress, growth and successful completion. The new GED® Express option has been a ‘win-win’ for our students and for our program.”

GED® Express helps qualified individuals progress more quickly toward earning a GED® diploma by offering targeted instruction to address the student’s specific skill gaps through a combination of independent and direct instruction in academic content areas, technology and test-taking skills.

“The current GED® test, launched a little over a year ago, allows students to take one test module at a time, which is really beneficial to the student,” says Jill Ward, Magoffin County Adult Ed. Director. “GED®Express capitalizes on this opportunity and helps students really focus and hone in on building the specific skills they need in order to earn a GED® diploma as quickly as possible. We want students to be successful and will do what we can to help them move toward taking the next step, whether that is improved employment opportunities or further education - or both.”

For more information about GED® Express or other services offered by Magoffin County Adult Education, call 606-349-7005, e-mail


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PASSING GED TEST:   The Magoffin County Learning Center staff extend their congratulations to Robin Johnson for Passing the GED test and commend her for all the hard work she did to reach her goal.  Good Luck!