Magoffin County inmate escapes from jailer

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Attached is a mugshot of Thomas Wade Price, a 30 year old Magoffin County inmate that escaped from the Magoffin County Jailer Bryan Montgomery upon returning from court this day (June 26th, 2017) at approximately 1:20pm. Thomas Price reportedly escaped shortly after exiting the transport van upon his return from Magoffin District court. Big Sandy Regional Detention Center employee Jennings Williams, Maintenance Coordinator spotted him running on the bank of Paint Creek behind the Johnson County Courthouse and alerted the officers at the detention center. Law enforcement was notified, the facility is currently on lockdown and escape protocol procedures were implemented. As of 3:16pm this day, the inmate has not been apprehended.

Price has a Pike County Bench Warrant for “Absconding Probation and Parole” on “TBUT or Disp all Others” (M) and “TBUT or Disp all Others” (F). He also has Magoffin County Arrest  Warrants for “TBUT or Disp. All Others $500 or more but Under $10,000.00” (F), “Criminal Possession of Forged Instrument 2nd Degree” (F), “TBUT or Disp. All Others $500.00 or More but Under $10,000.00” (F), “Non-payment of Fines” for “Failure to Produce Insurance Card” (V) and “Driving on DUI Suspended License – 1st Offense” (M), “Failure to Appear” on “Failure to Wear Seat Belts” (V), “Failure to Produce Insurance Card” (V), “Failure of Non-owner Operator to Maintain Req. Ins.” (M), “Failure to Notify Address Change to Dept. of Transportation” (M), and “Operating on Suspended or Revoked Operators License” (M).

Anyone with information as the whereabouts is asked to notify the Kentucky State Police or local law enforcement.