Magoffin County man reported missing

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The family of 26 year old Jerry Rowe, Jr. has filed a missing person's report and the Magoffin County Rescue Squad was in the area Sunday conducting a search in a nearby pond.  This followed a ground search that was performed on Friday.

"We first used an underwater camera, but visibility was pretty poor so we switched to drags," said Carter Conley, the Captain of the Magoffin County Rescue Squad.

"We've been searching, searching these hills. Been searching on job 25 and everywhere we thought he could be, but we can't find him," said Debbie Bailey, Jerry's Mom.

Rowe's family says the last time they saw Jerry was Friday, January 28, and by Wednesday, they knew something wasn't right.

"He calls me every day or dad or his sister here. He'd always call one of us," Bailey said.

The family says Rowe was with a friend the night he went missing and his friend recalls the night like this...

"He said they were here in the trailer and they seen flashlights coming and they thought it was the law so they run on the hill. He said he went one way and my boy went the other way. He said one of them caught him and said to get off of him and that was the last words that was said," Bailey explained.

Right now, that recollection of the night is the only tip anyone has on what happened, something the family says is hard to deal with.

"If he's out there and sees this, tell him I love him and I want him to come home."

The family is organizing a search party today at noon and are asking for volunteers.There will be a camper set up at the OLD Salyer Elementary School in the parking lot with heat and FREE coffee and chili to all volunteers.

If you can volunteer please do. Jerry has been missing since Jan 28th.

There is also a $500 reward to anyone with information that leads to finding Jerry.

Jerry Rowe, Jr. is described as 6'1 with brown hair, blue eyes, slender in size and about 160 pounds. If you have any information, contact Kentucky State Police or contact the family directly at 606-884-2905, 606-884-2431 or 606-884-7826.