Man Wanted on Felony Charges Arrested by Sheriff's Department

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A Bloomington Branch man on the run from police since is now facing additional drug related charges after he was arrested at a family member’s house Monday night by the Magoffin County Sheriff’s Department.
Harold Risner, who had been initially arrested on drug and stolen goods related charges last week, was taken into custody at a family member’s Bloomington Branch residence following a brief standoff with police.

According to sheriff Bob Jordan, an anonymous telephone call tipped his department to Riser’s whereabouts. The caller, Jordan said, also informed sheriff’s department officials that Risner was armed and stating he wasn’t going to jail if he could help it.
Armed with the felony warrant from the initial arrest, Sheriff Jordan, deputies Josh Pease, Phillip Russell, and David Slusher, along with Salyersville Police Department patrolman Brian Baldwin, traveled to the named location.
“When we got there we flooded the residence with spotlights, concealed ourselves behind the cruiser for protection, and used the P.A. to ask him to come out and give himself up,” Jordan said.
Two people living in the mobile home responded to police requests, leaving the residence and informing police that Risner was at the location and that he was armed.
Jordan said after repeated requests went without response from Risner that police entered the home and found him in a bedroom with a pistol beside him on the bed where he was lying.
With the use of a tazer, police subdued Risner and arrested him. A fully loaded 9mm hand gun was found, along with several pills and $4,000 in cash.
Risner, already charged with several counts of drug trafficking, drug possession, theft of an automobile and escape, was additionally charged with two counts of first degree trafficking in a controlled substance, one count of second degree trafficking, controlled substance prescription not in proper container, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.
During a booking process at the sheriff’s department, Jordan said Risner complained of health issues and was transported by ambulance to Paul B. Hall Medical Center in Paintsville where he was admitted for dehydration, malnutrition, and other issues, Jordan said.
Risner, who escaped from police custody and allegedly stole a pickup truck following his first arrest, was still hospitalized as of press time yesterday.
Sheriff Jordan said upon his release from the medical facility, Risner will be taken to Big Sandy Regional Detention Center in Paintsville.