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A very special little girl who has become the delight of our household celebrated her second birthday June the forth by having strawberry cupcake and a general fuss made over her. Her name is Mandy and though she will never win Westminster Kennel Club dog show she has won our hearts.

Mandy is an intelligent, loving, happy dog. We found her as a puppy on Craig’s List, reasonably priced by owners in need of a quick sale. She was up to date on her shots but in need of a soaking bath, a good grooming and some high quality food. Like a lost child taken in from a storm she seemed most grateful. It wasn’t long before she left her puppy bed to join me in mine where she sleeps most blissfully snuggled as close as she can. 
Mandy came with papers identifying her as a Miniature Schnauzer. Here are some traits of the breed.  The Miniature Schnauzer is a small, sturdily built dog. They are double coated, hypoallergenic non shedders. They are a long lived breed that shows little sign of ageing until the very last stage of their life. Developed to catch rats, they are a very tough and extremely quick bundle of energy. Though tough enough to live outside their need to be near their people makes this out of the question.  

Freud remarked on the fact that “dogs love their friends and bite their enemies, quite unlike people, who are incapable of pure love and always have to mix love and hate in their object relations.” In other words, dogs are without the ambivalence with which humans seem cursed. We love, we hate, often the same person, on the same day, perhaps even at the same time. Dogs have no such emotional turmoil, they don’t taint their feelings with guilt and repression, they just feel. Perhaps that is their true appeal, one seldom need wonder what a dog is thinking. If it loves you, you will have no doubt, if it don’t, you will have no doubt either.