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North Magoffin Elementary is so proud of our Academic Team. On December 5, 2015 the Academic Team competed in the Sixth Grade Showcase which was held at South Magoffin Elementary. The Sixth Grade Showcase is an academic event designed to provide a competitive opportunity for Kentucky’s sixth graders. Academic teams compete in Quick Recall, five written assessments (math, science, social studies, language arts, and Arts and Humanities), and composition. North Magoffin’s Academic team won 3rd place overall in the competition. 1st place was taken by Allen Central Middle School and 2nd was awarded to Adams Middle School. Maddie Carty took first place in composition followed by Macy Thacker in 2nd place. In Language Arts we had a tie for 6th place by Macy Thacker and Marshall Bailey. We also had a tie for 6th place Arts and Humanities by Maddie C arty and Alyssa Conley. Gracie Russell achieved 6th place in Social Studies. We finished 4th place in quick recall. This is our second time competing and we are excited by the academic excellence set by this team.