Ohio readers: Magoffin Day this Saturday!

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It is time once again for the annual Magoffin County Day in Dayton, Ohio!

  Mountain folk are like no other and it is a real pleasure when we Magoffinians in exile can gather around our common heritage.  That is just what we do every year here in Dayton.

Remember back home how if somebody got sick, we took them food and set up with them?  If they died, we dug their grave.  We cared for one another.  On butchering days we shared our food.  We had workings, quiltings, pie suppers, square dancing, and enjoyed each other’s company.

If you are now reading this in the Salyersville Independent, wherever you are, by all means come and see us on this special day.  It would be an honor to have you and you will feel right at home!  Our gathering starts at 1:00 P.M. on Saturday October 16 at the Bath Township Community Building, 1006 Yellow Springs – Fairfield Road in Fairborn Ohio (a suburb of Dayton).

For more information, call our CEO Jane Conley at (937)-293-2562 or James Whitley at (937)-233-6302.  Bring or send us a copy of your vintage Magoffin photos, especially if you have any of the old courthouse.  I know that Jimmy Allen is bound to have several.  I knew his grandfather who was the only photographer in the county (Jimmy this is your old buddy Cood). 
Everyone welcome, so try to come if you can make it and we hope to see you all there!