Old Salyersville Photo Answers

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From Jimmie Allen
This is the Ivy Point on U.S. 460 & KY 7 overlooking Salyersville. KY. A restaurant, The Ivy Point Inn, had just opened for business. Wishard Gardner was the owner. This was before the construction of the Ivy Point Motel.

This photo was made by Jimmie Allen in the early part of the 1950 with a Burke & James Land Camera using 5” X 7” B&W sheet film. The camera belonged to Win Flint who operated The Flint Studio, as his Salyersville location from 1910-1959. I presently have this camera.

On the same day ten (10) different views of Salyersville were filmed.

The auto in front of the restaurant is a 1940 Oldsmobile; the truck is a 1940 Chevrolet; beside the truck, a 1949 Dodge. The auto on up by the curve is my car I was driving that day, a 2 door 1936 Chevrolet.

A speed sign at curve notes a 20 MPH speed limit entering Salyersville.

From Theda F. Connelley Watkins
This was called the Ivy Point Inn in 1951-52. They had rooms upstairs that they rented. The restaurant was on the main floor. My mother, Lucy Dyer Connelley, cooked in the kitchen.
The waitress was a Caldwell girl. In the simmer, Mom wouldn’t let me stay home by myself, so I went with her and waited tables for my food.

From  Alonzo Rowe

That is the Ivy Point Inn in 1950 and the cars are from the 40s and 50s.