Plans for growing tourism

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On January 1, 2017, Representative John Blanton of the 92nd District met with Victoria Doucette, President of Royalton Trail Town, and Rondal Reed, owner of the Festival Bottom at Royalton Trail Town to discuss areas of concern in tourism before returning to Frankfort on February 6.

They identified some areas of concern such as the completion of the Tip Top Tunnel and how important it is to the successful future of the Dawkins Line Rail Trail. 

Representative Blanton is ready to go to Frankfort and network with his colleague

In tourism to help our county with jobs and broaden our boundaries in tourism to appeal to people outside our area.  A discussion of the multipurpose trail that would be used for ATV riders that is in a House Bill that Representative Blanton is co-sponsoring with Representative Fugate.  This ATV Trail

Project includes Magoffin County and 17 other counties.   This could bring in a huge amount of money through tourism for the Royalton Trail Town area and all of Magoffin County.

It appears to be a very positive time for the growth of Tourism along with other industries such as the promotion of coal.

Representative Blanton shares progress ideas for tourism and how he plans to work in Frankfort for the people of his District. 

It is all about jobs for the people in Magoffin County and show casing the beauty of our area that God gave us.