Rookie League Tournament Held

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Last week, the Rookie Division of Magoffin County’s Cal Ripken League completed their season ending tournament.  The Rangers and the Reds drew the top two seeds.  They had completed the regular season with the top records.
The first game of the tournament pitted the Mets against the Cubs.  The Cubs gained the early lead.  The Mets were able to tie the game in the bottom of the sixth inning on a bases loaded, two out hit by John Luke Holloway.  Chase Hall also came up big for the Mets with an inside the park homerun, as well as two other hits.  The Mets were able to win in the bottom of the seventh by a score of 9-8.  Erin Bolen scored three times for the Cubs and Seth Felber crossed the plate twice.

In the next game, the Tigers faced off with the A’s.  The A’s used the strength of a five-run third inning to post a 7-4 victory.  Trenton Caldwell was the big hitter for the A’s.  He had three hits in three at bats.  He also scored all three times he reached base.
The Rockies faced the Reds in the next game of the tournament.  The Reds came out storming in the first, scoring sin runs.  The Rockies scored two, but were unable to overcome the early deficit.  The final score was the Reds 17 and the Rockies three.  For the Rockies, Andrew Culbertson scored two of the three runs.  For the Reds, Mason Lovely, Max McFarland and Abby Collins all scored three times.
The victory by the Mets earned them a place in the semifinals against the season champion Rangers.  The Rangers jumped out to an early 3-1 lead.  The Mets mounted a late charge but were unable to overcome the lead. 
The final score was Rangers 9 and the Mets 8.  Scoring twice for the Rangers were Nick Caldwell, Quentin Arnett and Trenton Taulbee.  For the Mets, Kirkland Wireman scored three runs and Jesse Brown scored two.  The victory pushed the Rangers, managed by Darrell Arnett, into the championship game.
The second semifinal was between the A’s and the Reds.  The Reds scored six runs in their half of the third inning.  The A’s were only able to post six runs for the entire game.  The Reds, managed by Don McFarland, were victorious by a score of 9-6.  Max McFarland and Mason Lovely each scored twice for the Reds.
The Championship game of the Rookie League Tournament had the season champion Rangers facing off against the season runner-up Reds. 
The Reds jumped out to an early lead.  At the end of three innings, the Reds held a five run lead at 7-2. 
The Rangers, though, came out on fire in the fourth.  Jacob Watson led off with a single, followed by a double by Dalton Lyon.  Jeremiah Carty and Jake Patrick also had doubles for the Rangers.  Also, Hannah Conley had a single.  These five hits allowed the Rangers to score five runs to tie the score. 
The Reds would not score again.  The Rangers however, were able to score four more runs in the fifth.  These runs were scored on the strength of hits by Quentin Arnett, Dalton Lyon, Caitlyn Cheek and Jeremiah Carty.  The final score 11-7 in the Rangers’ favor.  Mason Lovely was the only Red to score more than one run in the championship game. 
The Rookie League tournament turned out just as the regular season.  The Rangers were champions and the Reds were runners up.