Shooting suspect scheduled for pretrial hearing

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The suspect in the alleged February 2 shooting at J&J General Store at Gunlock in Magoffin County is scheduled for an informal pretrial conference tomorrow, July 22.

Colonel L. Bolen, 44, of Trace Fork, is being charged with six counts of attempted murder. According to the indictment released in April, Bolen allegedly shot and severely injured three victims and shot in the direction of three more.

Attempted murder is a class B felony, which can be met with up to 60 years imprisonment.

The conference will not be in front of a judge, but just between the Commonwealth Attorney Graham Martin, the defendant and his attorney, Public Defender Myles Holbrook.

The informal pretrial conference allows the Commonwealth attorney to offer the defendant a deal that he could take instead of going to trial.

The formal pretrial conference is scheduled for August 4, at which time Bolen can decide to take or decline the offer.