The Story Teller

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Long time forgotten stories of days of old are the stock and trade of any good story teller.

Beautifully crafted words spoken from the lips of a master story teller are the closest thing we have to a way back in time machine. A good story teller draws you into the story where you experience the story far more than you hear the words. In a sense one becomes witness to the events of the story as they unfold. You become emotionally intertwined with the characters and events in a way that stirs one’s passions. You self identify with the story to the point where one will yearn to see the cabin, ride the pony, kiss the love interest or what have you in the story. With words a portrait of allure can be hung on the wall of the mind.  A portrait so beautiful that it inspires if not compels one to seek out tangible vestiges from the story that imbued your heart with passion. Perhaps the story is about a log cabin in the woods, a good story teller will instill a desire to see, to touch, to spend a night in a log cabin. You will long to know what it was like to sleep on a rope bed with a feather tic mattress while logs crackle in the fireplace. Perhaps the story is about growing up on a farm doing chores such as milking the family cow, gathering eggs and feeding the pigs. A Story Teller can take you there so that through their words you can feel what it was like to grow up on a family farm. 

Modern media including television and the internet has lead to a decline in those practicing the art of story telling. Fortunately there has been renewed interest in this art form by Story Tellers and their audience has grown. Groups such as the Kentucky Humanities Council are making concerted efforts to bring Story Tellers and audiences together using modern media to do so. 
The Magoffin County Civil War Committee has a story to tell this April and it is called the Battle of Puncheon. We have a number of story tellers to help us tell our story including the lady in the photograph. Her name is Mrs. Robert E Lee, AKA Janice Busic and she will tell about life with General Lee. The General himself will be here along with many others to help us tell our story. We will recreate the battle with soldiers, horses, cannons, guns and swords. This is a true story of a horrible time in America.

Though this is a serious story we have a lot of fun things planned. We will have craft booths, book sellers and other vendors. We will have artifacts, relics and a mobile museum on display. We will have a mobile 35 foot tall zip-line, inflatable’s, a large petting zoo featuring a camel and pony rides for the kids and most all attractions are free. Watch for our ad for details and schedule.