Student Mock Trial

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Fourth and fifth grade students at Salyersville Grade School visited the Magoffin County Court House to conduce a Student Mock Trial.  Students assumed the roles of attorneys,witnesses, jury,  bailiff, and judge.  They also used persuasive and argumentative writing.

In addition to the student members of the jury, Circuit Court Clerk Tonya Ward sat on the jury along with a few parents and family members of student participants.  Bailiff Chester Allen took students on a tour and stayed in the courtroom throughout the trial.  

A number of parents and community members sat in the audience and several took place in activities.  Judge Dennis Prater discussed career opportunities and education requirements for jobs in the legal field.

Gifted and Talented students were led by coordinator, Mrs. Mary Jane McDaniel.  Salyersville Grade School would like to thank Judge Prater for graciously allowing them to use his courtroom every year.