Test scores released, 2014

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SALYERSVILLE - The Kentucky Department of Education released the 2013-2014 test scores on Thursday, with all Magoffin County schools meeting their state-mandated goals.

The Magoffin County School District scored a 62 out of 100 overall, compared to last year’s score of 50.8.  The almost 12-point jump bumped Magoffin from the 3rd percentile to the 33rd. With these scores, Magoffin ranks at 100 in the 173 school districts. 

“We’re in the pack now,” Superintendent Stanley Holbrook said. “Most school districts are in the 60s and 70s, so we’re in the pack. Our district is progressing, but we’ll never be complacent. We’ll always be hungry for a better score.”

Superintendent Holbrook said each school will look at every child’s scores, individually, and assess for sequences to prepare strategies to improve the lowest scores, inevitably to raise the overall scores. In an upcoming meeting with the Magoffin County Board of Education, the principals will address their goals and plans to improve test scores in the spring.

Holbrook said 641 schools in the state scored proficient or distinguished and Magoffin had two of those schools (NME and SME). Furthermore, 860 schools in the state were progressing, and Magoffin had three of those (SGS, HWMS, and MCHS).

Holbrook said his goal is to have all the schools in the 70s overall, eventually.

“We have really good teachers and staff in Magoffin and we have professional development training all the time, which is why our test scores are always coming up,” Superintendent Holbrook said. “I want to excel. I don’t care if it’s building a school, on the football field, or in our test scores - I want to excel. Our children deserve the very best and we’re going to proved the very best for our children.”

North Magoffin Elementary
North Magoffin Elementary hit an all-time goal of being labeled “distinguished.” NME achieved an overall score of 77.3, compared to last year’s 60.6 and the goal of 61.6, ranking them in the 94th percentile, statewide. The percent of proficient and distinguished scores in the core testing areas were: 50.4 in mathematics, 67.3 in reading, 71.9 in science, 77.2 in social studies, 62.5 in writing and 52.9 in language mechanics.

North Magoffin Elementary Principal Jill Howard released the following statement about the scores: 

“Obtaining such achievement as an elementary school with the last assessment cycle is rewarding and even more challenging for North Magoffin Elementary as we proceed into the next cycle.  It is an honor to have such talented teaching and support personnel who strive every day to provide the best possible educational experience to our students.  Our success is based upon clear expectations, specific goals, great students, and a supportive school community.  Last year, we had 3 major goals:  improve student attendance, reduce the achievement gap in mathematics, and protect instructional time.  We planned a 10 point gain in order to reach proficiency as a school.  Our overall score went from 60.6 to 77.3 which put us in the 94th percentile in the state and classified us as a Distinguished/Progressing  School.

“It is easy to get distracted from our goals with so many initiatives and outside temptations to do everything everybody else is doing.  We kept our focus and discussed our progress together as a staff and school community and it has paid off.  We would like to thank our parents, students, staff, and entire school community for their support.  Together we achieved the recognition of a ‘Distinguished, High Performing/High Progress School.’  We could not me more thankful or proud.”


South Magoffin Elementary
South Magoffin Elementary also ranked as a “high progress school,” with an overall score of 72.7, compared to last year’s 56.5 and the goal set of 57.5. Now in the 83rd percentile, SME received the designation as “proficient/progressing.” As a breakdown of SME’s scores, the following are the percent of proficient/distinguished scores from the testing areas: 30 in mathematics, 52 in reading, 87.2 in science, 73.1 in social studies, 35.8 in writing, and 37.5 in language mechanics.

South Magoffin Elementary Principal Mark Rice released the following statement about the test scores:

“South Magoffin Elementary is overwhelmed with the success our school has achieved over the past four years.  Our school has continued to make significant gains as our assessment system has gone through many changes.  Although we are a small school with limited resources, our community’s support as well as the pride, dedication, and hard work of our parents, students, and staff has allowed us to overcome the many barriers our school faces.  Currently our school is performing in the top 30 percent of all schools tested in the state of Kentucky.  South Magoffin Elementary is classified as a Proficient /Progressing school.  Our assistance category is labeled as high progressing.  We attribute much of our success to the fact that our teaching staff targets individual students based on assessment data.  We strive to meet the needs of each of our students.  The staff has implemented several new instructional strategies such as Literacy Design Collaborative in language arts and Formative Assessment Lessons in math.  

“Moving forward, we will increase our focus on Program Review.  We are currently providing students with art and music classes provided by highly qualified instructors. We at South Magoffin Elementary realize that areas of weakness remain.  We will continue to focus on targeting the needs of each individual student. 

“I would like to thank the staff, students, parents, the SBDM council, and local school board for all their hard work and dedication that has made our current level of success possible. “


Salyersville Grade School
Salyersville Grade School scored 52.3 overall, compared to last year’s score of 50.5 and the goal of 51.5. While still only ranked in the 10th percentile, the school was designated as “needs improvement/progressing.” Breakdown of percent of proficient and distinguished by category: 32.1 in math, 46.1 in reading, 65.2 in science, 42.3 in social studies, 22.7 in writing, and 33.8 in language mechanics.

Salyersville Grade School Principal Willie Cole released this statement about the test scores:

“Salyersville Grade School has historically shown improvement from year-to-year, and we are glad to have continued our tradition of improvement by meeting our AMO (Annual Measurable Objective). Also, we are glad to have this data to guide our decisions for next year’s gains. Our highest areas of performance, when compared against state averages for elementary schools, are reading and science, and our areas for focus are writing and math. Science and social studies continue to be steady performers.

“Our staff, students, parents, and community stakeholders accept a commitment to excellence in everything we do and understand superior progress comes from superior process. This information will guide us as we improve our process.”


Herald Whitaker Middle School
The Herald Whitaker Middle School ranked in the 30th percentile statewide with an overall score of 57.9, compared to last year’s score of 45.1 and the goal of 46.1. The school, still displaced by the March 2012 tornado, was also designated as “needs improvement/progressing: HIGH PROGRESS SCHOOL.” Percent of proficient and distinguished: 43.6 in math, 52.5 in reading, 65.4 in science, 61.8 in social studies, and 27.1 in writing.

Herald Whitaker Middle School Principal Johnnie Johnson said, “Herald Whitaker Middle School faculty and staff are very proud of our scores. We made a gain of 12.8 points and we met our targets, which puts us in the ‘High Progressing’ category. With that being said, we are not satisfied and will continue to strive to increase achievement as the year progresses. We are working now on implementing ideas that will push us into the proficient level by next year.”


Magoffin County High School
Magoffin County High School scored 60 overall, up almost 7 points from last year’s 53.3. MCHS ranked in the 19th percentile statewide and was designated “needs improvement” and labeled a focus school. To be a focus school, there must be a gap in progress between special education and the general population.  The percent of proficient and distinguished scores in the core testing areas were: 14 in math, 40.5 in reading, 17.1 in science, 35 in social studies, 26.8 in writing, and 41.6 in language mechanics. Furthermore, 62.7 percent of seniors tested college/career ready, compared to last year’s 50 percent.

Magoffin County High School Principal Tony Skaggs said, “Our scores have given us areas to celebrate and areas to improve on.  We are very pleased that our overall test scores increased by 7 points this year.  Our college and career readiness scores have seen a 33% increase over the past three years and our graduation rate is 7.6% better than the state average.  We were disappointed with the gap between special ed and regular ed, especially in the content area of writing. Our teachers and administrative staff are working hard to correct the problem. We feel as students and teachers become more familiar with the new standards we will see continued improvement down the road. “

The full reports for the district and each school can be found on the Kentucky Department of Education’s website at applications.education.ky.gov/SRC.