Veterans Nursing Home Magoffin County

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Jim Wright and Larry Lanning Citizens for Veterans Health Care went before the fiscal court in October 2014 requesting a commitment if the Governor would build the next veteran nursing home in Magoffin County that the fiscal court would have a place to put it. Judge Hardin signed a resolution 13 October 2014 to support that request. The CVHC hand delivered a letter to the Governor with the resolution, map, and veteran population data 18 December 2014 during the Highway 460 dedication in Pikeville requesting the next veteran’s nursing home be built in Magoffin County. Senator Ray Jones II hand carried 21 packets to other state representatives and state senators for the 5th Congressional District to the first session in Frankfort 3 February 2015 to gain their support for the veteran’s nursing home in Magoffin County. Time is critical. The Citizens for Veterans Health Care would like for the residents of Magoffin County to call their local state representive and state senators and ask the status and let them know you want the next nursing home to be built in Magoffin County. Representative John Short 606-785-9018 or 502-564-81000 ext. 668, Senator Ray Jones II 606-432-5777 or 502-564-8100 ext. 681, Senator Brandon Smith 606-436-4526 or 502-564-2450 ext. 646. The Citizens for Veterans Health Care would like to thank you for your support. May God Bless you and the well beings or our veterans.