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State Department of Education officials are expected in Magoffin this week to view potential sites for a new county high school and to survey remains of an old high school building for possible utilization.

Magoffin County Board of Education last week discussed the possibility of possibility of rebuilding within the four remaining walls of the burned-out structure to provide a cafeteria or gymnasium facility for the county school system. The building a rock structure once known as the Magoffin Baptist Institute, was destroyed by fire last August, but the walls appear undamaged.

Remedial reading was added to a third school John T. Arnett, with employment of Miss Cheir Lou Wireman. Miss Wireman will be teaching the course under Title I, already offered at Salyersville and Middle Fork elementaries.

With two board members absent and bad weather conditions, the board adjourned early after completing routine business.

Bad weather conditions have forced the Magoffin schools to extend the local school year to June 8.

According to Supt. Arnett the schools ave been forced to close for a total of 12 days and will have to make-up seven of those. The schools are allowed five calamity days which they can miss without making up.

Ten of the twelve days missed have been because of snow slippery roads, while the other two days were because of a flood threat during the latter part of December. All but two of the days missed because of snow occurred during January and this month.

If the unpredictable bad weather conditions continue, school could possibly continue through the middle June, according to Supt. Arnett.

May 29 was the original closing date for the present term.