What resolutions did YOU forget?

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It’s that time of year, again – the time of year we all analyze the things we planned to do that simply didn’t happen. Whether we got stuck in a time crunch or our ambition went on an extended vacation along with the diet plan, we all set goals that never came to fruition.

 Before I set my goals for next year, here are the ones that fell to the wayside in 2010:

1.) Crochet a blanket – Everyone loves a good blanket to snuggle under for Christmas and I was confident that over a year’s time I could manage to make one blanket for a special gift. I bought the yarn, I planned the stripes, but unless four rows make a blanket, it’s not looking like its going to happen this time.  Four rows don’t even make a good scarf. Plan B for that gift.

2.) Buy a car – As much as I love the tank of an Oldsmobile, I know it’s not going to last forever. Every time I try to save some money back, however, something comes up. Unexpected bill, family illness, or something crucial needs replaced – something will always come up.

3.) Take a trip to see some friends – This is where the time crunch came in. I have some friends in Ohio that desperately need a visit, but when I have the time to go, I’m flat out pooped. Sometimes a pajama day trumps all, even if that does take away from the people you love. Maybe next year I’ll just get Skype and talk to them online, in my pajamas, of course.

4.) Teach my dog the difference between “walk” and “pull” – He’s a smart dog and I do believe he knows the difference, but the follow-through is where we have some problems. When a dog knows to turn his food bowl over when he’s hungry, he can gather the difference between the two words; he just really wants to go faster. But he has four legs and can scale a hill in five seconds – we are not the same animal.

5.) Beat YoNoid – Do you remember the NES game of the old Dominoes character with the Yo-Yo? A couple of years ago my boyfriend got me the old Nintendo system for Christmas and I dug this game out of storage from our NES golden days, but I can’t seem to get past the second to last level. Mario – check. Ducktales – check. YoNoid – my Mt. Everest, evidently.

6.) Get the perfect picture of a barn – Cheesy, I know, but I think barns are beautiful. I think it stems from playing in my grandfather’s old barn when I was little, but I love them. I’ve taken a lot of pictures of barns, but I have yet to find the perfect barn, which preferably is red with an old advertisement painted on the side. Keep your eyes peeled for a good one – there’s always next year.

 So, what have you not done this year? What’s been the catch in your plans, the fly in the ointment? Send me an e-mail at heather@salyersvilleindependent.com and I’ll publish all those little things that have made our New Year’s resolutions list look like a list of things to NOT do.