School Board Discusses MCHS Color Schemes

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Green got the boot early, but maroon received huge support as members of the Magoffin County School Board mulled over interior Magoffin County High School color schemes during a regularly scheduled meeting Thursday night.
Board member Caroline Isaac was the first to voice opposition to a proposed color scheme that included the green shade, and fellow members soon followed suit with negative tones.

Maroon, however, was strongly suggested by all members with David Smith leading the charge.

"I just wanna see something that looks a little different than what we’ve been looking at," Smith said. "Since it is the school’s main color, a splash of maroon wouldn’t be a bad idea."
Those presenting the proposed color layout cautioned against too much maroon, and Isaac, although supporting the maroon call, figured the initially included blue shades shouldn’t be used along with any shades of maroon.
Following a back and fourth color discussion, it was decided that maroon would be included in moderation and without any blue mixture.
The board, with those alterations, unanimously approved the interior color scheme for the MCHS renovation project, which includes major remodeling of the school both inside and out.
The project began back in early spring and is expected to continue on into the 2009-10 school year. It is hoped that the freshman academy section will be completed by mid-August and that other major repairs will be far enough along to enable the school to operate at full capacity.
The board used the early portion of the meeting discussing the MCHS renovation project, including an announcement that most offices are now operating at the former Salyersville Grade School site behind the central office building.

Board members also heard a positive report from Director of Student Services Davey Gibson as part of its closing out of the recently completed school year and a look forward to the next one.

"Preliminary reports show that all schools had above a 90 percent (attendance) rate and the average should be comparable to last year’s, which was 92.3 percent."
Gibson said the numbers were strong considering weather problems the county experienced during the winter and spring months.
"First we had the snow storm then the ice and most recently the flooding," he said. "Some students just couldn’t get to school and with all things considered, I think the numbers are pretty good."
The board approved a final amended 2008-09 calendar, accepted a 2009-10 payroll calendar, and approved MCHS graduation requirements and certified evaluation requirements for the school year beginning in August, as well as re-appointing Dennis Prater and Charlotte Gillum to an approved District Improvement Plan Committee and a district improvement plan.
Along with other routine items, the board agreed to a request from principal Tony Skaggs for another Social Studies teacher at MCHS.
"It won’t just help the social studies department, it will help the school out tremendously overall," Skaggs said. "We are trying to make our core curriculum more rigorous and this will be a major step toward that."
Following a lengthy closed session, the board closed out the two and a half hour meeting by authorizing superintendent Joe Hunley to seek bids for a tractor.