Old Salyersville Photo Answers

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I don't know much about the building's history, except that Jimmy Allen told me it was built in 1908.  My grandfather Joe Isaac was jailer back in the 1940's, and this was the Magoffin county jail then. My father, Willie Isaac, became jailer in 1958, and began that job in the same building.  On the bottom it had an office where people entered, and also had living quarters for the jailer that consisted of four rooms and a bathroom.  Upstairs it had one large cell called "the bull cell," which had steel bars and could hold maybe twenty or twenty-five people, and two other cells that were more like regular rooms, except they had bars over the windows and solid steel doors.  He was in this building for maybe a year until they tore the building down when they also tore down the burned-out courthouse next to this building.  After this, the county built a small block building down in the "jockey" lot near the back of our present-day courthouse, and the bull cell from the old jail was put in it to house prisoners.  Then the bull cell was painted green, the best I remember.  A lot of the prisoners called it "the green onion."  When the new courthouse was finished, my dad moved into it, where the jail was on the third floor.