Magoffin County Youth Baseball and Softball Extends Thanks

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The Magoffin County youth baseball and softball would like to extend its thanks to the parents of Magoffin County. This year the numbers of participants grew by a large amount.
This growth enables our young people a greater opportunity to develop their athletics skills. Without the support of the parents, our league would not be possible. Thank your for your support.
The growth of our league at times causes growing pains. The youth baseball and softball league in run entirely by volunteers. Without these volunteers, the league would not be possible. Thank you for all who volunteered.
Also, because of growth, more volunteers are needed. Please lend your support. The greater amount of volunteers a league has the better experience it can provide the youth of the community. Again, please consider volunteering with the local league.
Another situation which faces the local league is the limitations placed upon it by the lack of playing field space. Our community needs to see the need of providing ample playing opportunities for our youth.
The local Cal Ripken works very closely with the high school softball team. We must share the only softball field in the county. Thank you, Sanford Holbrook, for working with the local league.
However, if we continue to see growth in both high school softball and of the local league, one field will not be enough. We need additional playing fields.
In the past, discussions have been made about where to develop additional playing fields for both softball and baseball. This issue needs to be addressed. Our young people fall behind other counties because they do not have fields on which to practice.
Who has the power to do something about the situation? Would you be willing to assist the young people in this area? Any investment we can make in our young people is worth the work. Who can help? Who will help?
Please consider the needs of the young people of our county and work together to provide additional playing fields for them.
Thanks again to all who volunteered this year. Also, thanks to all of our sponsors. Without you, the league would not survive.
-Mark Campbell