Herald Whitaker Middle School Rewards Reading Winners

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The Reading Olympics/Accelerated Reader Program at Herald Whitaker Middle School recently finished a very successful year with thirty-three students being honored with medals and certificates at Awards Day on June 11th. The reading program, which runs from September through April, is designed to encourage recreational reading and improve students’ reading skills.

Students participating in R.O.A.R. read books worth a certain number of points (based on length and difficulty) from an Accelerated Reader list and must pass a test over each book. To win a bronze medal students had to accumulate 125 points or more, for silver 250 points, and for a gold medal, 400 points.
Throughout the year, students with high numbers of points were rewarded with fun activities in the library, like a trip to Gattitown in Pikeville at Christmas time and running a “1950’s Book Fair Diner” during the spring book fair. At the end of the year, students were also given free books from the book fair and treated to a year-end trip to the Newport Aquarium.
Those students earning rewards and medals for this school year are: Gold Medals (400 pts. or more) Galvin Greene, Isaac Watson, and Chandra Hunley. This year the top reading award went to seventh-grader Isaac Watson who had earned 585 points.
Silver Medals (250 pts.) Lois Patrick, James Howard, Cortney Perkins, Peyton Moore, and Michael Wells.
Bronze Medal (125 pts.) Randall Slone, Raymond Jones, Katia Davis, Ayngelea Griffith, Kirstinia McCoy, Christopher Ousley, Jordan Marshall, Lindsey Harris, Adrianna Coffee, Sidney Hale, Deven Ables, Mark Campbell, Adrianna Trusty, Olivia Howard, Lindsey Russell, Joshua Salyer, Hannah Isaac, Madison Holliday, Tousha Salyer, and Kaitlynn Minix.
Honorable Mention Certificates (100 pts. or more) went to: Anthony Blevins, Tambriell Caudill, Jessica Cooper, Jessica Perkins, and Shelby Lemaster. Congratulations to all.