In Loving Memory of Rex Lovely

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I feel the cold rush over me,
and takes me back to that terrible day.
November 6th, 2002 my life changed
and wouldn’t ever be the same.
For a little after 6 o’clock that night,
the good Lord called your name.
I remember the long ride home,
asking “Lord what will we do?”
Because I just knew we couldn’t live
on this earth without you.
But here we are, 10 years later
without you here with us.
The greatest man I’ll ever know,
whom we all love so very much.
I look back over the past 10 years,
all the memories, good and bad,
And even in the happiest moments,
I always get a little sad.
Whether it’s been at one of our graduations,
or on stage in front of a crowd,
Anyone who knows we’re your family, they always say,
 “I know Rex would be proud.”
I know you’re still watching over us,
there’s no doubt in my mind.
With that handsome smile & same proud twinkle
in those pretty blue eyes.
It’s still so hard to believe sometimes,
that you’re really gone,
But having faith that I’ll see you again
is what keeps me holding on.
I pray one day that our family circle
won’t ever be broken again,
As one by one we come to be with you in Heaven,
walking together hand in hand.
We love and miss you more every day,
Your loving wife, Jewel,
Daughters, Sherry, Pam, RexEtta (Tootie) and Bessie,
All of your grandkids, family and friends
Written by:
Wittney Lovely