In Loving Memory - Tina

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You’ve only been gone for a year now.  We were walking up the hill on Decoration Day to place beautiful flowers where your body of clay lay.  As I stand by your grave in the arms of your oldest son, Aaron, and cry about the missing link in our family chain.  The link that will never be completely joined again until we all meet on the crystal shores of heaven’s bright sea.  We realize that we all must pass away as the flowers of summer.  Then, I just watched your sisters and Aaron place flowers on your grave.  The girls started remembering things you would have said to them when they were working and started laughing and looking toward Heaven and said “Tina, we know your looking down and laughing your butt off, so OK OK you know how we are”.  Alex and Anthony placed a beautiful arrangement of pink flowers.  Alex wanted pretty pink flowers for his Mommy, which we know you have already seen from Heaven.  As your mom, I still feel as the book of Psalms says, “I am troubled; I am burdened down greatly; I go mourning all the daylong”.
See You In A Little While,
Your Loving Mom