In Loving Memory of Julie Whitaker Risner

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I knew you clothed in a hand-me-down
That didn’t make you complain or frown
The last time I saw you in a hospital gown
But your faith was high; your spirit not down.
My humble gifts you called silk so fine
Your smiles brought tears to these eyes of mine!
You were so good, yet oh so humble
Your lot was hard but you didn’t grumble.
You never failed to do a kind deed
You were always there for those in need!
You loved God and did what was right
And today I know you’re clothed in light!
You never knew riches or treasures grand
But your feet now walk the Promised Land!
You were often weary while doing your best
But today you’re at rest in the land of the blessed!
You were happy for the little you had down here
Now Heaven’s riches are yours, Julie dear!

Written by:  Martha Smith Murray