Mable Patton Prater

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Another Angel has been called home. Mabel Patton Prater, age 96 of Lakeville, KY, slipped away November 4, 2009 at the Salyersville Health and Rehab Center. She was born February 23, 1913, the daughter of the late Elizabeth Arnett Patton and Farrish A. Patton; two sisters, Lona Flynt and Bonnie Hoskins; three nephews, Rondell, Roger and Paul B. Hoskins. One niece, Jean Flynt Wilder, a son-in-law “Sug” Oney, and infant son, Donald Jefferson Prater and Johnny Prater, her husband.
She is survived by Kay Prater Oney, her daughter; Irene Jones, a niece and Russell Hoskins, a nephew and a host of grand nieces, nephews, cousin and friends.
Mable didn’t have fame, glory or gold. Actually the simple things in life brought her great pleasure like fishing in the Licking River for bass, watching blue birds nest in her back yard, growing white sweet potatoes, cooking special dishes for those she loved. To know Mable was to love her. She was kind, caring, and gentle with an undying love for her church, family and friends. If you knew her you were blessed. If she loved you, you were honored because you were loved by the best. For all her loving kindness she expected nothing in return. Her love was unconditional. Mable was a worker and she loved her yard with a passion. She often used three different lawn mowers in one cutting. It was dandelion free and her garden was usually without weeds. The rock wall around the cemetery was done by her and a family friend, George Bailey. She was a caregiver for many family members. While caring for her mother, she often gathered cucumbers by flashlight to be canned the following day.
For years our lives were richer because we knew and loved her, Dr. Hardin referred to her as the “Family Jewel” and that she was always there to love, encourage and support.
Smile when you think of special memories shared with Mabel. She will be missed by all who loved her but her memory will be forever. She has passed from our lives but not from our hearts. We pay tribute to her life marked by her love and devotion to her family and friends. Out hearts are broken, our souls are wounded; however we are all better for loving her in our lives. We know that she is at peace and without pain with God.
Remember Mabel when waves and seashells was a treat for her. When spring awakens the daffodils and blue birds begin to nest and its time to gather butternut squash and white sweet potatoes, when you sit around a warm flickering fire at a campground.
Mabel’s last message to us would be “Life is short-live it to the fullest.” Death has no dress rehearsal be ready when God calls. She has come home to her beloved Kentucky to rest at Patton, Prater, Oney Cemetery.
Written By: Kay Oney
This may well have been a message to her loved ones. I only ask one thing, no sad tears for me. Please rather recall me with a fond smile as the wife, mother, and friend who shared you laughter, tears and dreams through the years. Save your sadness and sorrow for those who go before their time. I have lived a goodly span of years and enjoyed them all,. I loved a man and was loved in return. I cradled my beautiful daughter in my arms and walked with the hands of my young nephews and nieces held in my own. Think of the happy times when we were all together as a family. Someday one of you may feel a warm breeze across your cheek and you will know that I am there. I am sharing the moment with you. On Christmas Eve if there is a small star in the sky let it come into your heart and remember me.
Written By: Mary Etta

Sunday, February 23, 1913 - 08:00
Wednesday, November 4, 2009 - 07:00
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Magoffin County Funeral Home