Improvements made to the park

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SALYERSVILLE - Salyersville is getting ready for spring at the park.

Salyersville Mayor James "Pete" Shepherd told the Independent on Friday that the City and County have put down turfice on the fields at the Ramey Memorial Park to make the fields look more professional.

"We've stepped up on the maintenance and we're trying to get everything looking a lot better for the community," Shepherd said. 

On Friday they rolled the fields to flatten any bumps that have developed over the winter.

Along with the annual maintenance, Shepherd said they plan to put in more concrete curbs around the park and take out the cross ties. 

"We're trying to make it better every year," Shepherd said.

While replacing the lights are still not in the budget, he said they are trying to replace bulbs on the poles that are still functioning to make it the best possible.

"I care about this school district," Shepherd said. "My son played here. I want to help out the high school and I want to make it look good for them."

Tournaments are considering coming to Magoffin due to the upgrades, Shepherd said.

"Everybody needs to come down and join us at the park," he said.