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The sights of my childhood once so strong are slowly fading as my time passes on. Just faded memories of how a thing was when life was simple and filled with love.

Fodder sleds most living people have never seen, just like so many things they are but a faded dream. The world has passed the old days by the wayside of life, time has gotten much to fast, it has left me stranded somewhere in the past. When I was a child I thought it would never end, days filled with pleasure and the laughter of a friend. I guess it was meant for a man to move on, let the dead bury the dead, and realize yesterday is forever gone. But there is a reason man clings to the past so bold, somewhere deep inside resides faded memories untold. 

Fodder sleds and hillside plows hitched to old Bob or Kate made life more tenable for our ancestors here in the headwaters of the Licking River. It seems strange that in the span of my life these once common items are now all but unknown. We have gone from backwoods isolation to a connected society. I love technology and it is an exciting time to be alive as we unravel the mysteries of life. But as we forge ahead at astounding speed into the future let us make provisions to preserve what has been. After all, we are the sum total of all them that passed through life ahead of us.