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The Studios Unlimited Tumblers knew that they had to be part of the LARGEST MULTI SPORT EVENT IN THE UNITED STATES!!  With MORE THAN 15,000 ATHLETES, competing in 5 different facilities this summer at the Jr. Olympic Games in Virginia Beach, VA. 

The 2015 AAU Junior Olympic Games has invaded Virginia Beach once again as well as Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton and Newport News.  The games are stretched out into a 9 day event with 20 different sports and with the sport of Tumbling & Trampoline being a 4 day event. 

Studios Unlimited Tumblers athletes and their families traveled to Virginia Beach on July 29th – August 2nd to compete in the sport of Tumbling and Trampoline.  Each of them had practiced hard all summer and dreamed of winning Gold! The competition is conducted with preliminary competition and then final competition.  You must place in the top 10 from preliminary competition to move into final competition. 

The team went to Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant, went to the beach, toured the boardwalk, took beach pictures, celebrated a team birthday, rode bikes on boardwalk, went to the Lynnhaven Mall and swam together at the hotel.  They love doing outings together because they are a close TEAM!

STU has 3 athletes on the AAU National team, Grace Epperson, Michael Jones and Elivia Gibson. These athletes got to perform during the Parade of Champions and they received an AAU National Team leotard and warmup.  They will hold their position on this National team for two years.  They will travel to Houston, TX next year for Jr. Olympics. 

Results for finals are listed below: (Some athletes do not compete all 3 events)

Molly Barker    5th finals    9th finals     SILVER MEDAL
Malley Vermillion    4th finals    --    6th finals    
Braely Kersey    BRONZE MEDAL    BRONZE MEDAL    --
Catherine Skaggs    SILVER MEDAL    --    --
Michael Jones    --    SILVER MEDAL    GOLD MEDAL
Amanda Back    --    --    BRONZE MEDAL
Presley Smith    5th finals    6th finals    9th finals
Carlee Arnett    5th finals     --    9th finals
Elivia Gibson    7th finals    GOLD MEDAL    GOLD MEDAL
Augusta Campbell    5th  finals    4th finals    GOLD MEDAL
Chloe Jent    --    5th finals     --
Addison Jent    --    6th finals    --    
Jaden Noble    --    --    10th finals


Team Kentucky won 2nd place overall in the Jr. Olympic Competition on Trampoline and Double-Mini and 10 athletes were named District Association Award winners on each event. The Studios Unlimited Athletes won 9 Association High Point Awards.  The athletes winning those were: 

Double-Mini Assocation Awards: Grace Epperson, Elivia Gibson, Michael Jones, Ian Montgomery.


Trampoline Association Awards: Grace Epperson, Elivia Gibson, Augusta Campbell, Michael Jones, Augusta Campbell

All-American Award: Elivia Gibson

The Studios Unlimited athletes are now preparing for their new season as 2015-2016 USTA STATE TUMBLING & TRAMPOLINE CHAMPIONS and now with 10 GOLD MEDALS, 3 SILVER MEDALS, 3 BRONZE MEDALS, 9 ASSOCIATION HIGH POINT AWARDS AND 1 ALL-AMERICAN AWARD from Jr. Olympics, they are EXICITED FOR A NEW SEASON!!!!