City Council meets

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SALYERSVILLE - The Salyersville City Council met in regular session on Monday, March 17, discussing a potential "no smoking" ordinance, as well as updates on the budget, an upcoming Civil War reenactment and replaced pipes in town.

While the state considered a statewide "no smoking" ordinance, which was never voted on, the Council discussed passing one for the City. 

The Magoffin County Health Department asked Salyersville businesses to be "smoke-free" several years ago, all but three agreed. No City-owned office allows smoking inside, however City Council member Jeff Ross said that should be extended to all city-owned vehicles, as well. Other members considering allowing businesses the right to choose. City Attorney Jeff Lovely said he could check out a few sample ordinances for them to consider.

The Council tabled amending the alcoholic beverage ordinance to comply with changes in state laws and regulations, allowing time for Lovely to obtain a prepared ordinance from the League of Cities. 

In Mayor James "Pete" Shepherd updated the Council on the budget, showing current balances of the city's funds:

General Fund - $29,421
LGEA - $25,775
Road Fund - $23,721
Tourism - $34,193

The Battle of Puncheon/Half Mountain Civil War Reenactment will be April 11 and 12, to be held at the Puncheon Battlefield Community Park on Kentucky Route 7, near the South Magoffin Elementary.

Culverts are now in on Superior Hill and Sugar Camp, fixing the standing water problems, with the Coal Branch culvert next to be installed, pending legal roadblocks. Mayor Shepherd said three places on Coal Branch need baskets installed to catch debris from stopping up the culverts, as well.

The City road crew have a couple of blacktop and pothole patching projects, with Allen Drive as the priority, weather permitting. Requests have been made for speed bumps on Dixie and Combs Branch, but Shepherd said for council members and public members to contact City Hall for areas that need roadwork within the City limits.

Shepherd said he would have bids for new police cruiser for the next meeting. He said he has had Gary Ousley doing some surveying in regards to future annexation on the Mountain Parkway, so they will be able to start working on that in upcoming meetings.

Wendy's is still slated to open on April 1, Shepherd said.