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IVY POINT – Three were injured in a two-vehicle wreck on the Ivy Point Hill over the weekend, including Magoffin County Hornets basketball starter, Grayson Whitaker, who is now recovering at home.

Magoffin County Boys’ Basketball Coach Scott Castle told Mortimer Media Group that the high school junior guard did not have any broken bones or life-threatening injuries from the wreck, noting that Whitaker was traveling west on US 460 on rain-slickened roads, when his vehicle slid into the other lane and was hit by an oncoming vehicle, occupied by a mother and her small child.

All three people involved in the wreck suffered serious injuries were taken to area hospitals for treatment.

Coach Castle said Whitaker was taken by ambulance to Paul B. Hall ARH.

“He has a number of stitches – I think 29 stitches all together – on the side of his face, his head, and has a huge hematoma on the side of his forehead, so initially they thought it was head trauma and that they were going to have to fly him out, but luckily for him his test results came back and he’s just going to be bruised and swollen and will need some time to recover,” Castle said about Whitaker.

While the team was about to board a bus to travel to a ballgame against Martin County when Mortimer Media talked to Coach Castle, he said, “Basketball and winning and losing is not even a forethought. Our main concern is his safety, the safety of the other people involved in the accident, and we’re just going to have to play without him until he recovers and is able to get back on the floor with us.”

Coach Castle actually was in a very similar wreck in the same location a few months ago.

The Ivy Point project, now underway, which is widening and straightening out the road, is expected to cut down on these types of wrecks.

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