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Appeal denied in mayor case

SALYERSVILLE – A three-judge panel with the Kentucky Court of Appeals denied the current mayor’s appeal of the election, solidifying that the city will have a new mayor starting in January.

While the finality is not due until January 20, at which time there may be more information about the order, on Tuesday, December 20 Kentucky Court of Appeals Chief Judge Clayton, Goodwine and McNeil ordered that the motion to set aside the November 28, 2022, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Judgment of the Magoffin Circuit Court is denied.

Current Mayor James “Pete” Shepherd was appealing an order made by Circuit Judge Kim Childers on November 28, which deemed former and Mayor-Elect Stanley Howard was a bona fide candidate.

Shepherd’s attorney, Ned Pillersdorf, had argued that Howard’s residence was located outside the city limits, which would disqualify him from being a candidate for mayor. Howard’s attorney, John C. Collins, used tax bills, PVA maps insurance premiums to show for all intents and purposes, Howard is a resident and taxpayer of the city, therefore qualified to run for city office, in which Judge Childers’ order agreed.

In the November 8 election, Howard won by 10 votes against incumbent Shepherd, who has held the position for 11 years. Howard previously held the position prior to Shepherd, resigning in 2011.

Mayor-Elect Howard is due to take office on January 1. In the meantime, a Salyersville City Council meeting is scheduled for December 22 to get the city ready for the transition.

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