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SALYERSVILLE – The Magoffin County Fiscal Court met in regular session on Tuesday, discussing the recent bus wreck.

Before beginning the meeting on November 15, Magoffin County Judge/Executive Matt Wireman addressed the public, stating, “We’ve been through these tragic things the past couple of weeks with our youth and we ask that you keep each and every one of the children, their families, the driver and her family in your thoughts and prayers, that they have complete healing and they are able to get back to their lives and the things that they do. This is a tragedy, and it affects us all, but nothing like those parents and those children are going through.”

The court approved the following fund transfers from the general fund: $225,000 into the road fund and $48,000 to the jail fund. Judge Wireman explained the large amount going into the road fund was from the FEMA payments and they will be reimbursed some of those funds.

The court approved a contract with Patriot Net Care Ambulance Service to add an antenna to the tower in Royalton to extend communications in that area.

They approved a change order to the project for a stage at Half Mountain Battlefield Park, for $11,500 for additional concrete work for the project.

During communications, Judge Wireman said, “There’s no words to describe what we’re going through. Having worked in a school system over two decades, one of the things that is the nightmare of a school district is to hear the call in that there’s been a bus wreck. The first thing that goes through your mind is those poor little babies that can’t do anything – they’re there and they’re at the mercy of whatever happens and they’re waiting on help. To say that I was pleased by the response is an understatement. We had a major, major event and our first responders here, our dispatchers, the community, Buck, you and your wrecker service, everybody was there helping. We had people coming from other communities two and three counties over and I don’t know how they got here so fast. I seen vehicles with Elliott County on them, West Liberty’s dispatchers came over to help, and everything seemed to happen instantaneously. That tells me we have a higher power out there somewhere. It’s fortunate we haven’t had any fatalities. We will get through this as a community and, for these children, we’re hoping and praying they are able to get back to their normal lives and be healed.”

Judge Wireman also mentioned that District Judge Dennis Prater is taking up money for the families involved and Rick Hughes with Hi-Tech Signs and Graphics, in Prestonsburg, has made “Magoffin Strong” stickers, donating them to the county to raise funds for those affected by this tragedy. They are being sold at the judge’s office and in Magoffin County Clerk Renee Shepherd’s office for $5 each.

Not even a full day later, they had already sold out of the stickers, with Independent Signs donating more stickers for the county offices to sell as a fundraiser for gas and food costs for those families traveling back and forth to the hospital.

Pernell “Buck” Lemaster, magistrate for District 2 who has held the position for 24 years, but lost last week to Eddie Jenkins, thanked the voters for supporting him over the years.

“I did this for the people and I did this for Magoffin County,” Lemaster said. “I have kids and now grandkids here. I’ve tried to, in my opinion, I worked hard. Some others may thing maybe not. When I first started, I was making a living traveling these little roads, pulling people out of ditches, and I got to thinking people really should have to do this. That’s really why I started running for magistrate – to make a difference in the county – and me, personally, I think I have.”

Judge Wireman told Lemaster that he enjoyed working with him as magistrate and as judge, and that he appreciated all his support.

“Truly, more things goes on that people don’t even realize,” Lemaster said, with Wireman noting their multiple trips to Frankfort.

Judge Wireman also thanked Joe Bailey, whose term as District 3 magistrate ends next month, stating, “You’ve been solid and you will be missed.”

District 1 Magistrate Darrel Ray Howard mentioned the recent tragedies, especially the bus wreck, noting that these families will need prayers for many days to come.

The next regularly-scheduled Magoffin County Fiscal Court meeting is tentatively set for December 20 at 6 p.m. in the Magoffin County Courthouse Albert Patrick Building.

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