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SALYERSVILLE – Seventeen people die every day waiting for an organ, but the Magoffin County Circuit Court Clerk’s office is working to change that by bringing awareness to the importance of organ donation and honoring recipients and donor families at local events, such as the “Donate Life” flag raising, held on Monday.

Magoffin County Circuit Court Clerk Tonya Ward’s office, along with members from the community, gathered at the Magoffin County Justice Center on April 18, raising a flag to remind people to become organ donors, potentially saving multiple lives with that one choice.

Clay Herd, with the Licking River Baptist Church, said at the event, “This is our Pause to Give Life Event and what a wonderful time it is to pause just to remember the value of life. Life is just so precious and valuable.”

One organ, eye, and tissue donor can save and heal up to 75 people.

“As we look to today, celebrating at 10:08, the fact that one organ donor can save up to eight lives,” Herd said in prayer at the event. “We’re going to take a moment of silence here to remember the 100,000 people who are currently waiting, and Lord I pray they get the blessing. Lord, I pray for those who are here this morning that have been a recipient or a donor. Lord, I praise the wonderful, amazing abilities you have given our scientists to transplant organs, or for the kindness, the gentleness you have given people to soften their hearts and become organ donors. That they would give their organs. Lord, we pray for each and every single one of these 100,000 people that are waiting right now on an organ transplant.”

Arbadella Reed, an organ donor and the mother of an organ donation recipient, told Mortimer Media Group, “It saved his life. Just to realize what a donor can do and it’s just a blessing to see how the Magoffin County Circuit Court Clerk’s office works at trying to encourage donors and I’m asking everyone out there, Magoffin County and the state of Kentucky, please be a donor. It is a blessing just to know that you’re potentially going to save someone else’s life. I stand here today, and I can rejoice because my son’s life – he’s got a life – and it is because of a donor and that someone was willing. We never knew about organ donors years ago, but now medical science has blessed us to save someone else’s life.”

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