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HWMS ACademic Team District Champs: Herald Whitaker Middle School FPS heads to state

The Herald Whitaker Middle School Academic Team are District Champions! Competing in several categories, they were awarded overall 1st place in the 70th district. They also received 1st Place in Quick Recall and 1st Place in Future Problem Solving.

The following students placed in written assessments:

Math: 1st Place – Grady Cole, 2nd Place – Gabe Marshall, 3rd Place – Troy Salyer

Science: 1st Place – Jeremy Sayagnao, 3rd Place – Isaac Howard, 5th Place – Troy Salyer

Social Studies: 2nd Place – Brayden Wireman, 3rd Place – Gabe Marshall, 5th Place – Cathryn Allen

Written Composition: 1st Place – Cathryn Allen, 2nd Place – Mallie Risner, 4th Place – Lyndsey Wireman

Arts & Humanities: 1st Place – Erin Grace Rudd, 3rd Place – Bryce Salyer, 5th Place – Judah Sizemore

Language Arts: 1st Place – Bryce Salyer, 2nd Place – Luke Wireman, 4th Place – Marika Risner

The HWMS Future Problem-Solving Team, Quick Recall Team, and all students scoring either 1st or 2nd place at district competition competed in the 18th Regional Competition.

The Future Problem Solving team won 1st place in the Regional Competition and will advance to the state tournament on Saturday, March 19, 2022 in Louisville. Also advancing are two students who placed in written assessment. 8th grade student, Gabe Marshall, was awarded a Regional 2nd Place medal for Mathematics and 8th grade student, Bryce Salyer, was awarded a Regional 3rd place medal for Arts & Humanities.

7th Grade Academic Team Members: Jorden Gayheart, Ava Gibson, Trey Hines, Daven Powers, Mallie Risner, Maddie Salyer, Larah Salyer, Judah Sizemore, Luke Wireman, Lyndsey Wireman
8th Grade Academic Team Members: Cathryn Allen, Grady Cole, Logan Daniels, Isaac Howard, Gabe Marshall, Marika Risner, Erin Grace Rudd, Troy Salyer, Bryce Salyer, Jeremy Sayagnao, Ali Slone, Brayden Wireman

Future Problem Solving Team: Grady Cole, Isaac Howard, Erin Grace Rudd, Bryce Salyer, and Luke Wireman

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